Saturday, January 4, 2014

Colorful world of alverde NATURKOSMETIK (Natural cosmetics)

Good Saturday Beauties, 

I hope you had a wonderful start in your first weekend of 2014. alverde NATURKOSMETIK has released a new collection on January 2nd 2014 and it is a must for me to show what products you can expect. Take a look!

White Powder

As some of you may know the big "Karneval" season ist about to start in Germany. That means tons of parties and thousands of people dressing up to celebrate what is also called the 5th season. 
No matter what your costume is, either if you're a vampire or a clown, a white base is the perfect start to prime your face with and later on add whatever you'd like. 
The powder is available in white, is completely vegan, and was manufactured with jojoba oil. Around  3,95 €.


Just as mentioned before - what is the coolest costume without the matching makeup? Probably not as cool as you want it to be. That is why this collection provides two colourful palette that will ensure you have everything you need in order to create the perfect look for your costume. As you can see, the variety of colors is very big, which means that both palettes will be able to create whatever look you desire. 
This collection provides two palettes, they're not vegan, and they also include sunflower oil. Around 5,95 €.


In case you were wondering if you're also able to purchase the brush that appears in the picture above - why yes, you can! :) It is a very densely packed brush to ensure the best color pay off for bold looks. 
Around 1,95 €.

More colors

Simply gorgeous! Just by looking at these bright and bold colors I can imagine creating so many different looks with these. These colors are similar to what professional makeup artists use for theatrical or film makeup. You can easily apply and blend these wonderful products and create your very own unique looks and effects. 
The colors are not vegas, are available in six different colors, and include sunflower oil. Around 2,45 €.

Color Pen

Trying to achieve a more detailed look? Then these little helpers here are the perfect companion during the 5th season. The colorful wooden pens are available in six different colors, are extremely easy to use and the colors are perfect for blending. All the color pens include soy oil and apricot kernel oil. All of the colors except for "red" are vegan. Around 1,95 €.

Glitter Tube

Glitter, glitter, glitter. A must have, if you ask me. You can complete any look by adding a little bit of glitter to your costume and making it more glamorous. The alverde Glitter Tubes are available in the color silver and gold, are completely vegan, and also include chamomile extract and aloe vera powder. Around 
2,75 €.

Hair Mascara

A quick and fun way of adding some colored highlights without the permanent factor. The colorful hair mascara allows you to create colored highlights in just a few seconds and therefore match your hair with the rest of your costume and look. This product is a multi-use product as well, because it can also be applied on your lashes just to give your eyes that extra pop of color. The alverde hair mascara is available in three different colors. Both the green and blue hair mascara are vegan products, and all of them also include sunflower oil and jojoba oil. Around 3,45 €.