Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Vintage Rose" - a new Limited Edition by alverde

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as you have noticed, there have been several changes on my blog. I am not done transferring all of the posts yet, but the blog will be categorized bz language now. Every post will be in one language only and the language of choice can be chosen in the main menu.

I really hope you'll like the final result.

Anyways, today I'd like to introduce you to the upcoming limited edition by alverde, our natural drugstore cosmetic brand. Let's take a look!

Vintage Rose - alverde

"Vintage Rose" consists of many shades of pink. It is very romantic and girly and provides perfect colors for the upcoming transition from winter to spring. The porcelain touch to the several looks that can be created with these products really gives the perfect vintage feel to your looks. 

Mascara Shimmer + Shine

This transparent mascara contains wild roses and almond extract from organic farming can easily be applied to the already inked lashes. If your lashes are already inked this mascara gives a glowing and sparkling effect. 

Price: Approximately 3,45 Euro


A natural eyeliner makes the vintage look complete. The eyeliner with jojoba oil from organic farming can be applied accurately thanks to its fine applicator. If you're striving for a particularly vintage look, the eyeliner can be pulled across the outer corner of the eye. Some eyeliner are vegan, others aren't. 

Price: Approximately 2,95 Euro

Kohl Pencil

The eye pencil in the dreamy vintage colors can be precisely applied to the eye. For nostalgic beautiful moments! With the build-in sharpener the pen can be sharpened for more precise and defined looks. The kohl pencil is available in the colors Vintage Brown, Green Stylish, Classic Grey and Black Original. 
The four variants are not vegan. 

Price: Approximately 2,25 Euro

Mono Eyeshadow

"Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you." 
Delicate eye shadow colors that are reminiscent of a bouquet of roses. They can discreetly create nostalgic makeup looks. All eyeshadow are with rose quartz powder. The recipe with chamomile flower extract from organic farming and bisabolol are gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes. 
The Mono Eyeshadow is available in the colors: Innocent White (vegan), Vintage Taupe (vegan), Passion Pink (not vegan) and Valentines Rose (not vegan). 

Price: Approximately 2,25 Euro

Mousse Rouge

The light and airy texture of the mousse blushers can be gently spread over the cheeks and gives a warm rosy cheeks emphasis. Just with your fingers take a small amount and apply to the cheekbones. With jojoba and apricot kernel oil from controlled biological cultivation. 
The mousse Rouge is available in colors serving Sweet Rose and Deep Rose. 
Both versions are vegan. 
Piece (5.5 g): Approximately 3,25 Euro


Rich colors for a vintage kissing lips with jojoba oil from controlled biological cultivation and shorea butter. Apply the lipstick from the center outwards. 
The lipstick is available in the variants of Sweet Kiss, Velvet Kiss Softly and rose. 
The three variants are not vegan. 
Piece (5.5 g): Approximately 2,95 Euro

Cleaning Powder

With its delicate foam the cleaning powder frees the skin gently from makeup, debris and excess sebum, suitable for oily and dry skin. Application: Apply a small amount of powder sprinkle in your hand and lather with a little water. Then spread on the face and massage. Avoid the eye area and rinse with warm water. A clean skin is the optimal basis for the vintage look. 
The cleaning powder is vegan. 
40 g: € 3.95 (€ 9.88 per 100 g)

Rosegel for face and décolleté 

The Rosegel with wild rose extract and aloe vera from organic farming brings bright shimmering highlights on face and décolleté. The delicate rose fragrance will captivate your senses. Take just a small amount and gently spread freely on the skin. 
The Rosegel for face and neckline is vegan. 
Piece (15 ml): 3,25 € 

Handbutter with rose fragrance

Aloe vera and glycerin provide the skin with moisture and lend a silky-smooth feel and a pleasant scent of roses. The recipe with shea butter and wild rose oil from controlled organic cultivation gives very dry hands rich care. 
The Hand Butter with Rose scent is vegan. 
50 ml: 2,95 € (5.90 € per 100 ml) 

My impression

I'm really looking forward to the skincare products of this limited edition, in particular the cleaning powder and the rose gel. Are you thinking about purchasing anything from the "Vintage Rose" limited edition by alverde