Thursday, January 9, 2014

p2 Palette

Hello lovelies,

today we will be talking about the p2 palette that I purchased before the holidays. After a few girls on instagram proudly flaunted their purchase around I had to go and get it. Unfortunately during the holidays I had to chance to go ahead and play with it much, that's why this blogpost might be a little delayed in comparison to other bloggers.

The Palette

Now, after seeing the colors I'm sure you understand a further reason why I haven't used it yet. The colors are very poppy and bright and not very winter-suitable. I was a little disappointed , especially because the palette was sold right before the holidays, but I bought it nonetheless. It is perfect for spring and summer looks. 

The retail price for the limited edition palette was 9,99 € - and that is obviously the quality you will also get. Let's not be delusional thinking about getting high end quality for such little money. However, for a drugstore product and for the price, I have to say that I did expect a little more. I'm absolutely in love with the color choice and range of this palette, but the eyeshadows are not very pigmented and are very hard to blend with other colors. Because of this, you really have to use a lot of product to pack your whole eyelid with. 
I do like the big mirror inside the palette, which makes the application or the retouching on the road a little easier and convenient. The palette also comes with double-sided brush that I just threw away, since I don't really use it. 

The Look

I just wanted the show the gorgeous looks you can create with this palette. Although the quality might not be the same as high end products, you can still play around with all these gorgeous colors. For this colorful and poppy look I used the bright pink in the upper right corner as a base in the middle of my eyelid and then I smoked it out all the way beyond the crease. For the inner and outer corners of my eyelid I used the baby blue eyeshadow in the lower left corner. To finish the look of I used the dark navy eyeshadow in the lower right corner of the palette. 
Keep in mind that you will have to pack on a lot of product, as these eyeshadows are poorly pigmented. Use a stiff and good quality brush (synthetic is best) and keep applying and packing on. 

I hope you really like this palette and the look and I'm looking forward to hear from you guys!