Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Studio Line #TXT by L'Oreal

Hello Beauties and happy Fashion Week Berlin!

Today is a beautiful day to talk about hair, hair, and hair... Thanks to L'Oreal we have some great new products to introduce to you, so get ready to have your mind blown.

Studio Line #TXT by L'Oreal



#TXT EXCESS is a volume texturing spray that is perfect for textured and teased hairstyles. Thanks to the containing micro-powder this spray provides an immediate texture and more grip. The results are a great amount of volume paired with a matte finish. You can rest assured that this product does not weigh your hair down and you will not face the problem of your hair awkwardly sticking together. Furthermore, it is easy to brush out. 

Filling quantity: 200 ml



For high styles that require extreme support and an ultra matte effect the #TXT FLAME creamy wax is the way to go. This shaping wax provides more grip and structures without being gluey and greasing the hair. Since your hair style won’t harden you’re able to reshape as much as you’d like. It is ideal for the very popular undercut look. 

Filling quantity: 75 ml




If you’re trying to texture your straight hair and have great support and a reduced shine effect #TXT DANDY, a Form & Control paste, is the way to go for you. This product also contains the Micro-Powder that enables a better grip of the hair as well as better structure. The hair doesn’t stick together and it doesn’t get all greasy. If you wish to reshape your hair, you will be able to, as #TXT DANDY has a special formula that doesn’t harden your hair. Looking for a defined part? – This is your product!

Filling quantity: 75 ml

At this very moment I'm not sure about the recommended retail prices, but will let you know as soon as possible. What do you think about the products? Will you be trying anything? I'm very curious! You will find more products of this line on the official L'Oreal website. :)